Top 5

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this month. Warning, contains a lot of “proper” indie

1) I Could Be In Heaven – The Flatmates

I’d never even heard of this band until they were on this month’s Mojo cover CD. It wasn’t on the C86 tape but it would have fitted right in.

2) The Fountain – Veronica Falls

Somehow I missed their album last year and only listened to them after someone in my Twitter feed mentioned them. Great band, great album, great song.

3) Love Is Hard Enough – Tender Trap

Another band that have been around for ages but that I’ve only just got into (I think there may have been some confusion with the band Temper Trap who I dislike) More jingly, jangly indie music.

4) Teenage Icon – The Vaccines

Loved their first album, so many instantly catchy tunes. Was slightly worried that their new one was being described as being “grown up”, especially as Supergrass by Supergrass and Humbug by Arctic Monkeys were similarly described and both were rubbish. No such problems with Come Of Age.

5) Road Rage – Catatonia

Narrowly edging out Euros Childs, mainly due to the irony surrounding the first hearing of it during the month – On my way to work, I’d pulled round the corner just in time to see a set of temporary traffic lights change from amber to red. Just as I was hitting my steering wheel with the palm of my hand this came on the radio.

Wedding in Kent

Yesterday was the wedding of some of Elmo’s very distant relatives. Distant in the sense that we had to drive all the way down to Kent and distant in that it was the wedding of the cousin of Elmo’s step-brother. The cynical part of me thinks that they only invited us so that we’d invite them to ours next year but it was a good do nonetheless. It has got me thinking about our wedding though. We decided that we were going to sort out the music ourselves for our wedding and last night has got me wondering whether this is such a good idea. It’s our day so, on one hand, we should be allowed to pick what we want to be played. However we want the guests to have a good time so we have to make some allowances for what they like. Last night it was wall to wall R ‘n’ B which really isn’t my cup of tea but similarly I can’t imagine many people dancing to First Aid Kit, if Elmo is still into them when the wedding comes round..

Peter Craig’s Legendary Recess

Pete when not on recess

Decided that this didn’t really fit on Pete’s band biog so I thought I’d post it here instead…

Many years ago, our friend Alison had just moved in with her friend Mary, in Nottingham, and we’d been invited to her housewarming party. Since the party wasn’t kicking off until early evening, we decided that we’d spend the afternoon having a couple of drinks in the city centre. It was a sunny Saturday so we had a couple of beers down by the canal (the lack of shade not great for someone as fair as Anthony) After a few more beers we went to Brass Monkey, a cocktail bar. Stu was driving so he ordered a soft drink. Meanwhile, Ant, Matt, Pete and myself perused the menu. I ordered what turned out to be the campest looking cocktail ever. Ant and Matt also ordered cocktails but Pete asked for a Coke. “A Coke?!” we asked, incredulous. That was when Peter uttered the words that have gone down in legend – “I’m having a recess” From that point on, whenever anyone turned down a drink, we’d joke that they were having a recess, to the point where we now refer to it as have a “Peter Craig Legendary Recess”.

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Hey ho! Let’s go!

Anthony and I often have a discussion about the start of punk. I always offer The Stooges or the New York Dolls but, as Ant always points out, there’s a fine line between punk and badly played Rolling Stones so it didn’t so much start as evolve. I think that’s a fair point but if pushed to name a forefather to the DIY punk scene that grew in Britain in 1976 then it would have to be the Ramones.

That’s a rather roundabout way to link to a couple of articles regarding Morrissey’s opinion of the bruddas:

17 year old Morrissey isn’t a big Ramones fan

51 year old Morrissey loves their debut album though

If nothing else it shows how people’s tastes change as they get older. For example, when I was 17 I thought that Be Here Now was amazing, was underwhelmed by This Is Hardcore because it didn’t sound like Different Class and wrote off Radiohead as miserablists despite not really having listened to them at all. Plus I don’t think I’d even heard of the Ramones! How things change…

Close The Gate

Five Bar-gate

It’s finally happened, journalism has eaten itself. For years journalists have been adding the suffex “gate” to any scandal worthy of reporting, trying to recall the efforts of Woodward and Bernstein. The problem with this is that the scandal that brought down Richard Nixon took place in the Watergate hotel. In modern journalistic parlance that scandal would have been called Watergate gate (unless, it was actually a story about water, which I don’t think it was) See, it doesn’t even make sense.

Well, now the scandal involving Andrew Mitchell swearing at police officers and calling them plebs because they would open a gate for him has been christened Gate gate. I despair. I don’t understand why we even need journalistic shorthand to describe a scandal when the word scandal does the job perfectly, especially when “gate” doesn’t make any sense, especially from an etymological point of view.

Premier League? You’re having a laugh

It happened 2/3 times in the cricket with Sproxton – we managed to avoid relegation due to a restructure of the league. Well, now something similar has happened with the American Football. Despite finishing third in our league, the Nottingham Caesars have been promoted to the Premier League due to a reorganisation designed to cut down on the amount of travel each team has to do every season. Full details from the BAFNL.

Carry That Weight

Elmo has been saying for the last couple of weeks that she wants to lose some weight. I keep telling her that it’s easy, all we need to do is eat a bit healthier and do a bit more exercise. I’m really aware that I’ve been really inactive over the last 3 months and I could do with getting fitter as well. I’m not really bothered about losing weight though, I’d rather be losing fat and putting on muscle. So, yesterday I went and bought a set of those fancy bathroom scales that measures your fat percentage as well as your weight. Here are the results:

Weight 71.7kg
BMI 21.4
Fat 15.6%
Water 59.1%
Muscle 42.5%

All of my figures are well inside the healthy range which is good. However, I’d still like to lose some fat and gain some muscle. With that in mind, let’s set some targets – I’m going to try and hit 14% fat and 45% muscle by the 3rd of November, so that’s 6 weeks. I don’t know if that’s a realistic aim but I’ll be weighing myself every Saturday so I’ll see how I get on and amend the target as necessary.

Link of the week

I have to admit that I’ve become slightly obsessed with this website this week:

Men’s Health

I think that I realised I was getting bored in the gym because I’d always do the same things every time that I went. This has given me loads more exercises to try which is helping to keep things fresh.

I can beat that…

I was reading this earlier:

Odd cricket injuries

and I realised that maybe my current predicament isn’t that bad.

So, I’ve been injured for about the last 12 weeks after hurting my ankle. Sleeping. I was fine when Elmo went to work at 6:30 but woke up about three hours later in absolute agony. Initially, there was swelling around my Achilles and I couldn’t bear to put any weight on it so I had to crawl to the bathroom to get some painkillers.

By the Monday it was still bad enough that I couldn’t drive on it and had to get lifts into work. After a couple of weeks I went to see my GP who gave the frankly useless advice to just rest it.At least by that point the swelling had gone down and it didn’t hurt as much as when I initially did it.

The worst thing is that it’s still hurting today – a kind of dull ache that gets worse the more I run on it. I’ve tried to run on it a couple of times but it’s clearly nowhere near ready for that. So, I missed a good chunk of the cricket season, the end of the American Football season and I don’t even look like I’m actually injured. I think at some point I might have to follow Elmo’s advice and go back to the doctor’s…

Ah, that’s where the gym is

I went to watch the Nottingham Caeaser’s charity game on Saturday and bumped into Dave, a fellow injured cornerback. We started talking about getting fit for the new season and he showed me this link:

Men’s Health NFL Workout

Feeling inspired by watching the Caesars win 41-0, I thought I’d go to the gym and give it a go today. Since my ankle still isn’t feeling right I just did the upper body exercises. I’ve only been to the gym about twice since I hurt my ankle and it really told; I’d forgotten how sore I get after working out (and I’ll probably feel even worse in the morning lol)