Top 5

Here’s what’s been going on musically for me this month…

1) Two Fingers – Jake Bugg

Local boy done good. Not so sure that there are “feds” in Clifton though…

2) Little Talks – Of Monsters And Men

Who needs boring old Mumford & Sons when you can get exciting new Of Monsters And Men?

3) Holidays In The Sun – Sex Pistols

The new remastered Never Mind The Bollocks in amazing and you can’t go wrong with the opener.

4) Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones

I’m not really a huge fan of this song, the car/sex metaphor is a bit too laboured. But that opening riff is brilliant. When I bought my ticket to see them, I spent the rest of the day walking round the office humming it, imagining them opening the gig with it.

5) Sunday Shining – Finlay Quaye

Elmo and I are big fans of the quiz show “Pointless” and we’d never gotten the big money question at the end before. Then a couple of weeks ago, the question was “BRIT awards British male solo artist winners” Hey presto! No-one else had said Finlay

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Twitter was awash last night with the news that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and intends to release a new Star Wars film in 2015. To be honest that probably says a lot about the people that I follow on Twitter. Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with them releasing a new Star Wars film as long as they don’t let George Lucas anywhere near it. In fact can they promise not to let him near any of the original trilogy ever again too? The last thing it needs is more of his CGI “improvements” Disney do have an amazing record with children’s movies over the years, and, let’s face it, that’s what Star Wars is, we all fell in love with it when we were kids. I remember that we had a copy taped off the TV and I’d watched it so many times that I knew all the words to the adverts as well as the film. However, I digress. Disney and especially the recent Disney acquisitions, Pixar and Marvel, have shown that they can make children’s movies that also appeal to adults. The biggest problem with the three Star Wars prequels was that a lot of the CGI fighting was boring (not good for kids or adults) and movies about taxation disputes are really boring (not good for anyone at all) So, personally, I’m looking forward to the new Star Wars film if only to see where they take the story. Will they follow the “official” books or will they take it somewhere totally different? More importantly, will we see a Disney crossover? Star Wars vs Pirates of the Caribbean! Jack Sparrow and Han solo go head to head to see who the best pirate is. Can’t wait…


The Cookie Club on Saturday night

I didn’t feel quite right yesterday, a slight sense of ennui had overcome me and I wasn’t really sure why. Then I remembered a quote from Fight Club – “after fighting everything else in your life has the volume turned down” It hit me that I was just on a bit of a downer after the adrenaline high of expecting a fight on Saturday. It’s a bit worrying really since I’ve always considered myself a pacifist but I guess there’s not really anything you can do about a fight or flight response that’s been a couple of hundred million years in the making. And at least I feel better today.

James Bond will return in “Sold Out”

Tickets please

With the release of the new Bond film last Friday, it reminded me of the time that Anthony, Peter, Robert and I went to see Casino Royale. We’d decided on New Year’s Eve that we’d spend the first afternoon of 2007 in the cinema enjoying Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond. At this point the film had been out for over six weeks and we figured that most people that wanted to see it would have already seen it. Also with it being New Year’s Day, we thought that most people would either be too hung over to go to the cinema or else they would be at DFS (New year, new sofa, new you!) How wrong we were! We arrived at the Showcase in Nottingham to be told that the next showing had sold out. Our options were to either wait around for 45 minutes to see a signed version for the hard of hearing or wait for 2 hours for the next standard showing. We did the only thing that we could do – drove to Leicester and watched it at the Odeon instead (fortunately for us, it wasn’t sold out there!) It still seems really odd that there would be such a rush. I doubt we’ll be seeing Skyfall on New Year’s Day though since that’s two months away and it feels like there’s only about two months between cinema release and DVD release of films these days…

Birthday Buses

Having not been to a Thai restaurant for years, I end up going to two in a couple of weeks. We were out in Nottingham last night for the birthday of Elmo’s best friend. After a couple of beers in Brew Dog, we had an excellent meal in Tarn Thai. After a couple of Jagerbombs we headed off to The Cookie Club.

That was when something really odd happened – we almost got into a fight! In The Cookie Club! Least violent of all nightclubs. We’d all been having a few drinks and a bit of a dance. Elmo had been taking the piss out of the fact that I don’t know all the words to the new Vaccines’ single. Then a random guy started dancing up to Elmo’s friend and eyeing her up, which her husband took umbrage at. He had a few words with the stranger and then there was this really hostile atmosphere as they both kept staring at each other and I was convinced that it was about to kick off. Elmo’s friend then took matters into her own hands and insisted that we all leave.

It was a shame the night had to end that way as we’d been having a really good time up to that point. At least we managed to time our exit pretty well so that we didn’t have to wait long for the bus.

Carry That Weight

Quick weight update before we go out, drink lots and eats lots!

Weight 71.8kg
BMI 21.4
Fat 15.6%
Water 59.1%
Muscle 42.5%

Slightly better than last week but overall I’m still pretty much where I was when I first started which is a bit down-heartening. It’s important that I keep going though and after my triathlon next week I can focus a bit more on weights at the club rather than just doing cardio.


Man at Q&A – JCC second from right

Last night they showed the Evidently…John Cooper Clarke documentary at Broadway and followed it up with a question and answer session with the man himself. He was on great form and even did a couple of poems including I Wanna Be Yours, which Elmo and I are having read at our wedding. Afterwards they sold copies of the DVD of the documentary and there was a signing session:

Always meet your heroes

We told him how much we enjoyed seeing him at Latitude in the summer but we din’t mention that we’re having his poem at our wedding as he’d said during the Q&A that it had become a bit of a cliche. If anything Elmo was even more star-struck than I was especially after getting a big smooch on each cheek!

Farewell old friend

The end of an era

The analogue signal was finally turned off in Northern Ireland yesterday taking with it that bastion of my youth, Ceefax. In those pre-Internet days it provided a plethora of news and sport stories. Of course the main memory of the teletext years was standing outside of Dixons at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon looking at the football scores. Of course, Dixons soon got wise to this and moved all of their TVs to the back of the shops so you had to sneak in if you wanted to check the score (“erm, no thanks, I don’t need any help, I’m just browsing”) It was the only concession that your mum would make to your dad when you were out shopping. Looking back now, the whole thing seems anachronistic – Dixons, bricks and mortar shopping, Ceefax itself and football on Saturdays.

The other thing they used to do with Ceefax was to show it on BBC2 during dead time. Again it seems really odd now to think that there used to be national TV channels that didn’t broadcast for 24 hours a day. Hmm, I wonder if “Pages from Ceefax” was on the EPG? Could you set a series link and record it?

Teletext was great though. The Internet didn’t exist and the idea of getting information through your TV screen whenever you wanted it felt like the white hot tip of technology. Plus, even now I can remember some of the numbers – 302 Football, 316 Football scores (not quite as exciting as Soccer Saturday), 340 Cricket (probably more exciting than the County Championship)

Lazy Sunday

Wouldn’t it be nice to get on with the neighbours?

Busy busy day yesterday…

I thought we’d just be pulling this pose for half an hour

First up, Elmo and I went to the gym for the Puma Faas class. Apparently this is the same training that Usain Bolt does. The class was only 30 minutes but it’s probably the most intense work-out that I’ve ever done. Let’s just say that at the end, “my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid.” It ended with 8 reps of 20 seconds of burpee, sprint forward 3 steps, sprint back 3 steps, burpee and 10 seconds rest. I’ve seen Usain Bolt, he’s pretty laid back, I can’t imagine him doing burpess…

Gleeky – Happiness Though Science

After going out for a late lunch with my dad, Elmo and I went into town to watch Robin Ince perform his Happiness Through Science gig at Glee. It was a brilliant show, very funny, although he didn’t do the Niels Bohr dance that he mentioned during the first part of the evening. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hang around afterwards in the bar to chat with Robin as we had to get the last bus home (curse you Sunday timetable!)