7 Month Review

Review time

Hmm, this should have been a six month review but the beginning of July was a busy month for some reason 😉

So, let’s see how we’re doing against those New Year’s Resolutions

Get Fitter

So, my ankle injury has rather kiboshed this one. I’ve still not quite reconciled the fact that I’ll never play American Football again or the fact that I’ll never bowl again at cricket. The fact that I’m not very good at fielding or batting might mean that I never play that again either.

For the rest of the year, I might ditch the quite hardcore targets and stick with the general “get fitter”. Hopefully, I can get running again in time for next year’s Lincoln 10K.

Give Blood

Woo hoo! One of my resolutions I’ve actually kept! Although it has been pretty easy now that the blood service come into work. I’ve still managed to donate twice and I’m booked in for when they come back in November.

Watch less TV/Read more books

So, I haven’t watched an episode of Family Guy or American Dad all year but I’m not exactly watching less TV. I’ve been watching more box-sets instead, stuff like The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, and more films. So I am watching better TV.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my reading but I’ve not increased the amount that I’m reading.

Go out more

Elmo and I have been going out more this year. We’ve even actually been to the cinema and we’ve renewed our Broadway memberships. We’ve not quite been going monthly but there are some things coming out soon that I really want to see – Kick Ass 2 and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Plus we’ve still not seen The World’s End yet.

As for gigs, I think I probably saw my year’s worth of bands at Latitude. Joking aside, I’m really gutted that I couldn’t get Arctic Monkeys tickets. Plus none of the bands that I’d really like to see; Camera Obscura, Surfer Blood, etc, seem to be coming to Nottingham.

The Band

The website is looking pretty good but there are somethings that I’m a bit behind on such as the band’s history. At least I’ve managed to keep blogging pretty frequently.


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