Ant & Gav’s Joy of Six – June 2016

Tommy can you hear me?

For some reason our radio show didn’t go out last night but I still thought that I’d do a quick write-up of it. I’ll try and get it posted up on MixCloud so that if anyone wants to hear the whole thing they’ll be able to.

We decided that we should do something a little bit different for the last show of every month – where we could play new songs or songs that probably wouldn’t fit into a theme or songs that we ran out of time for in a previous theme. So “Ant & Gav’s Joy of Six” was born. It’s pretty simple – we have a song opening the show that represents something that’s happened in the month and then Ant picks 6 songs and then I pick 6 songs. Then, after we’ve played them, we have a chat about them.

I’m not going to go into any detail here about why we played what we played as we talked about it on the show. I will just say that it would have been great to have played Ant’s song reflecting his view of the referendum result (The Future by Leonard Cohen) and mine (Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plane Pour Moi) back-to-back. However, since Anthony promised some calypso during the Musical Knights show he felt that he had to play Gimme D Ting (which may or may not be about the soft drink)

Anyway, here’s the Spotify playlist

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have Running On Empty by The D4, which we played after Girl Ray, nor the Rodney Bewes version of Dear Mother, Love Albert which followed it.

Next week, Cap’n Gav’s Theme Time Pirate Radio Show returns with Football songs

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