Corby FM 05/04/2008

“It’s just the same old show on my radio”

We’ve made our radio debut playing on Andy Coupland’s afternoon show on Corby FM and we had a brilliant time. Although, as with all band engagements, it had an inauspicious start as we managed to get lost in Corby. After finding the place we had a good chat and played a couple of songs acoustically:

While You Wait
I’ll Get By

With Stu fulfilling his community service, it was left to Ant and I to talk a bit about the band name, how long we’d been together and our influences. We’d been a bit nervous before we went on since it was our first time on the radio and I was a bit nervous since I’ll Get By is still a pretty new song.

Andy was brilliant though, he really made us feel at ease. He even managed to coax an admission of our love for Teenage Fanclub out of us after we’d been claiming that our only real influences were The Beatles and The Stones.

In fact we even talked a bit about the creative tension in the band that arrises from the fact that Ant is a Beatles’ fan while I prefer Mick, Keef & Charlie.

We also got a cheeky plug in for our gig in the evening at The Malt Shovel in Grantham. Although, we’re not expecting bus loads of people to come from Corby to see the show.

To be honest, there was only one thing that we didn’t talk about and that was our missing drummer. We didn’t even realise but in our excitement we’d forgotten to mention him. It was only when we got home and he pointed it out after he’d been listening on-line. Oops.

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