The Donkey 04/06/2008

“It is I, Don Quixote, the man of La Mancha”

Picture is here

Back to Leicester as Ant, Sarah and myself went to the Don Quixote open mic night at The Donkey. We played with the intention of getting Sarah some more live experience and, since it was an open mic night, we only played a short set:

I’ll Get By
All I Want
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

It all went down pretty well despite the fact that Sarah is still standing too far away from the microphone. And then there was the fact that Paula, the hostess with the mostess, told us off because we hadn’t brought any party popper with us.

We had a good night though and we’ll definitely be heading back, especially after there were mentions of a potential showcase slot in the future. Plus, both Ant and Sarah won prizes on the raffle; Ant taking home a pineapple while Sarah won some marshmallows. I might have to change my boy band moniker. Rather than being “the other one”, maybe I should now be known as “the unlucky one”

Ah well, at least I was cheered up by the whole Donkey/Don Quixote pun of the name of the evening. While I may not be able to win any raffle prizes, I can at least keep tilting at windmills.

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