The Hind 18/03/2009

“I’d rather have his job than mine”

We’re used to other acts being better than us and, playing at the open mic night at The Hind in Leicester, we were once again shown up. Only this time it was Banjo Des, an older gentleman playing George Formby covers and he was absolutely genius.

As for us, we were pretty good. The audience enjoyed their participation and Paula was happy that we’d brought our party poppers. With a four song set limit, we played:

She’s His Girlfriend
I’ll Get By
All I Want
While You Wait

I tried to do my best Morrissey impression during All I Want by dancing with one of the big plastic sunflowers that were decorating the stage. However, I slightly ruined the effect when I twizzled it too fast and the head came off! Fortunately, I just about managed to get it re-attached before the song finished.

We were asked to play another song after While You Wait but after le petit mort of the final party popper going off, we need at least 10 minutes to compose ourselves again. Plus, we like to keep to the old showbiz maxim of always leave them wanting more…

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