Island Bar 19/03/2008

“Spaghetti junction – spaghetti western – Alphabetti spaghetti”

Pictures are here

It only took us an hour to get to Birmingham. However, it took us another hour to find the venue after we took a wrong turn after getting off the M6 and so we ended up taking a less than scenic detour.

When we finally arrived, the Island Bar was a nice venue, made even nicer by the fact that Fosters was only £2 a pint! They had a pool table and a pinball machine downstairs and a room upstairs where they put the bands on.

Now, a lot of bands would have been nervous about this kind of gig. Not only was it our first ever time playing in Birmingham but when we arrived there was a photographer and reviewer from a local paper in attendance. Obviously, they weren’t there to see us.

That was quite fortunate for us as we had the occasional microphone failure during our performance. To be honest that probably helped with my nerves though as we sound better when you can’t hear me singing!

Going on third our of three acts, we got to play for just over 30 minutes:

I’m On My Way
All I Want
She’s His Girlfriend
I Wanna Be Retro
You Throw My Love Away
Rip It Up
I Don’t Know What It Is
Dead To The World
While You Wait

So, a first outing for a long time for Dead To The World, allowing me to show off my skills on bass (or lack thereof) Apart from the microphone problems, we had a good night and The Chairmen, who went on before us, were good as well.

They were a top bunch of lads to boot. Not only did they join in with the play along¬†for While You Wait but their bassist offered to come and play some bass with us. Unfortunately, he did this while I was busy strutting and I didn’t really understand what he was offering so I didn’t take him up on his offer. I thought that he was offering to join the band!

I would have been happy with that though since he was a far better bass player than me. Worse was to come when we found out that they came from Leicester too – we could have possibly sorted some kind of transport out. In the end we went home squashed in Stu’s car since we gave Elmo a lift home and the car had been barely big enough for three of us plus our gear on the way there, yet alone four people on the way back.

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