The Kestrel 19/05/2008

“Crossing the border”

So, our first ever gig in Derbyshire. Although, since it was at The Kestrel in Ripley, just north of Nottingham, it was only just over the border. It was a fundraiser for the Ripley Music Festival and there was a really eclectic mix of acts on, including a jazz band, four acoustic duos (including Ant and myself obviously) and a blues threesome. We went on in the middle, as a kind of musical sorbet; designed to clean the aural palette.

Our 20-minute long set went something like this:

I’ll Get By
All I Want
She’s His Girlfriend
It’s In The Air
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
While You Wait

We put on a good show and really enjoyed the night even though we didn’t win the raffle. We like to re-iterate our thanks to the organiser, Mick who lent Ant his guitar after he broke another string (we might have to rename It’s In The Air as “The Stringkiller” or something)

The usual off-stage strutting and percussion sharing all went down well although I’m not entirely sure exactly what Elmo’s mum made of it all. To be fair, I think she only came to keep Elmo company while we were playing. Mick seemed to like us though and he said that he’ll be having a word with us in the summer when it’s nearer to festival time.

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