Loggerheads 24/08/2007

“Got a sandstorm blowing in my head”

Pictures are here

Well, that was a night with an inauspicious start and an inauspicious end, with me getting into trouble either side of an amazing gig. Since we were playing our first proper gig in Nottingham, we asked Elmo if we could stay at hers and she kindly said that we could. Unfortunately, we then managed to get in trouble with her neighbour for walking over part of his patio between the car park and Elmo’s front door.

We would never have guessed what was going to happen at the gig itself. All we’d been told beforehand was that it was a night of acoustic music and comedy (and indeed some musical comedy – some might unkindly argue that we fall uncomfortably between all three stools) So, we arrived with acoustic guitar and percussion and we were told that we were going to be headlining The Beastings Cave. Not only was it an actual cave round the back of the pub but it didn’t even have a PA system. To be fair it didn’t need one as the acoustics from the stone walls and sand floor were amazing. We went on at about midnight (the perfect time for playing in a cave) and we played for about thirty minutes:

You Come Around
All I Want
I’ll Get By
Honky Tonk Women
It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
While You Wait

Anthony managed to break a string during the set which prompted me to point out the fact that Keith Richards only needs five. Following a bit of re-tuning we managed to finish the gig. We also had a malfunctioning bubble machine but these problems couldn’t detract from an excellent gig.

The cave was pretty small so it was full when we started despite the fact that we followed a comedian who wasn’t really that funny. His main riff was about shaving wasps to get bees and shaving bees to get mushy bees. Anyway, it was so full that I couldn’t even strut around during All I Want as their were even people queueing at the entrance to hear us. We ended the set by handing out all of our percussion to the crowd for an All You Need Is Love style play-along. It left me with nothing to shake though so I improvised by hitting a bucket with a spade that had both been left in the cave. That was until I broke the spade. Then I started messing around with the sand itself, pouring it all over me. Everyone really enjoyed joining in and we got a great reception at the end of the show.

Afterwards we had another couple of beers and then headed to the Cookie Club for a bit of a dance. Then things got really rock ‘n’ roll as we got back to Elmo’s and had an early morning game of Trivial Pursuits. Then I got in trouble for the second time as the sand that was in my hair came out in Elmo’s bed. Still, it was all worth it for such a great night.

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