The Looking Glass 22/05/2009

“We’re through the looking glass people”

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It’s not every day that you meet a man who was not only an inspiration to Echo & The Bunnymen but who was also offered a chance to play in ABC. Well, at the Stars In Their Words semi-final, held at The Looking Glass in Leicester, one of our fellow competitors was telling Ant and I that he turned down the chance to wear a gold lame suit for a living. Although he didn’t really go into detail as the how he influenced Ian McCulloch et al. From looking at him, he didn’t appear to have lips like sugar.

His name is Andrew Buckley and he is the king of melody. Unfortunately, just like ourselves, he failed to make it through to the final. I guess none of us could cut the m-m-mustard.

Anyway, here is our set list:

On Top Of The World
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

We’d originally planned an 8 song set but all of the acts were cut down to just 3 due to the number of entrants. And there were quite a lot of entrants; the room was absolutely packed and most of the people there were singers. This made the small space incredibly hot and the bar very tricky to navigate to. Still, is was nice to actually be playing at The Looking Glass after we had a gig there cancelled a couple of years previously due to complaints being made about the noise when they had bands on.

Despite the fact that we didn’t get through, we felt that we had played pretty well. If you listen to the live recordings that were made, you can hear that we sounded good so at least we know that we were beaten by better acts.

The strangest thing happened when we came offstage though. A guy at the bar told Ant that he thought that I was stealing the limelight (reports that he also pointed out that the Pope is Catholic remain unconfirmed at this time) Of course I steal the limelight, that’s what I’m there for. Well, that and driving to gigs. I’m like this millennium’s version of the guy in the ’60s who’s only in the band because he owns a van.

The same guy also said that he thought that Sarah was like Susan Boyle. That was because she looked like she can’t sing but she can rather than because she’s a 50-odd year old Scottish woman who lives in a house full of cats.

As for Andrew’s review? One word: Bohemian.

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