Maddisons 08/12/2007

“It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding”

Pictures are here

Never mind blood on the tracks, we’ve got a problem with blood on the snare drum! It’s a good job that we were on last as Stu managed to slice his finger open half way through our debut set at Maddisons and then spent the rest of the night bleeding over the snare. Personally, I blame Leona Lewis for the fact he kept bleeding.

Anyway, Maddisons have only just started putting on gigs and despite the fact they have a courtyard, they don’t have a square garden. Will, our promoter, describes it as Leicester’s answer to the Cavern Club – it’s underground with all exposed brickwork behind the stage. The room itself was pretty small which meant that not many people could fit in but the acoustics were really good. Plus, it meant that the room looked fuller when we finally went on:

I’m On My Way
You Throw My Love Away
All I Want
Rip It Up
She’s His Girlfriend
T-Shirt Hero
I Don’t Know What It Is
While You Wait

So, we debuted a brand new song, She’s His Girlfriend. We placed it next to the reasonably new but similarly short and fast Rip It Up, a situation that, in my mind, moves us one step closer to being the new Ramones. Although the real bonus of adding such a short song to the set list is that it means that we get to play more songs.

Everything went down really well especially You Throw My Love Away, as you can see from the pictures of everyone wearing their love hearts. While You Wait was also as popular as ever with our old friends The Accidentals from Nottingham and our new friends Autohype from Leicester joining in on percussion.

Both of those bands were really good when they played but what really stuck in the mind was the other band, Stonevibe. Their drummer played the entire set wearing a bluetooth headset. I’m not sure if he had some sort of click track on his phone but it just looked like he was expecting a call that he couldn’t bear to miss. They also played a 10CC cover (not Dreadlock Holiday unfortunately) and had a song about poverty being bad. Who knew? I guess we all learned something there.

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