The Malt Shovel 05/04/2008

“Blood for Baal!”

Pictures are here

So, not only did Ant appear on Corby FM in the afternoon but then, when we got back to Melton he went to give blood. All this before heading off the The Malt Shovel in Grantham to play a gig! Now that’s rock ‘n’ roll.

When we got to the pub, we managed to see the first couple of rounds of the Amir Khan fight while we were waiting to play. If he’d actually fought as well as he can then we would have seen the knock-out as well.

When we did get on stage it proved to be an unusual night. It started off with a brand new song – Be Young, Be Drunk, Be Happy. To be honest it could have done with a bit more rehearsal as it was going really well until the end where all three of us stopped at different points.

Then it ended with me being molested by a drunken stranger. I’d offered her some percussion to play during While You Wait but clearly this wasn’t the sort of thing she was interested in. Being the professional that I am, I continued singing and tried to ignore her. Unfortunately, her presence meant that I didn’t get to fire off any party poppers which was a shame.

Still, it means that there are more left for future gigs. Anyway, here’s the set-list in full:

I’m On My Way
Be Young Be Drunk Be Happy
All I Want
I Don’t Know What It Is
You Throw My Love Away
She’s His Girlfriend
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
Rip It Up
While You Wait

Recently recorded live favourite Rip It Up featuring prominently yet again. All in all, not too bad a night but all this appearing on radio stations in the afternoon and then gigging at night sure is tiring. I’m starting to see why Stu chose to stay at home and do nice relaxing DIY instead.

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