Old Volunteer 29/04/2008

“It was the first time that we met”

Pictures are here

Yet again we put our faith in internet directions to get to a venue that we’ve never been to before, in this case The Old Volunteer in Carlton and, yet again we are disappointed. One day I would love to meet the guy who decides how long these journeys take as what apparently was a 35-minute jaunt took over 50 minutes to complete.

This meant that by the time that we’d arrived, not only had we missed the start of the first band but we’d also missed the first goal in the football. Still, at least we had a great night drinking beer, watching football and listening to live music. The only slight downside being that Manchester United beat Barcelona and as an Arsenal fan, an Everton fan and a Nottingham Forest fan, we’d probably have preferred Barca to win but that’s by the by.

However, it was a bonus that the game finished 10 minutes before we went on stage. Now, that’s timing! Our 20-minute set went like this:

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
All I Want
You Throw My Love Away
Rip It Up
While You Wait

Another good set. It went down really well, with lots of people asking us for our social media details afterwards which we took as a good sign. Plus, we were preceded by a band called Satnam’s Tash who were also really good (and how often do you hear me praising other bands that we’ve played with? Not very; that’s how often)

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