Olive’s Bar 29/01/2009

“You talking to me?”

It all looked so straightforward. I’d printed off the directions from the AA’s website and the journey to Olive’s Bar in Leicester seemed pretty simple. Of course that was before we drove past the place twice before we actually found it.

When we arrived we saw a guy who could have helped us; he looked just like Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver). He had the same haircut, the same military style top with the loops on the shoulders. Okay, he looked a bit older but Taxi Driver did come out in 1976.He didn’t do anything crazy or anti-heroic though, just sort of sat there clapping the acts.

Anyway, since it was an open mic night, we were rationed to just three tracks:

I’ll Get By
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
While You Wait

We had a good night and some of the other acts were pretty good. It was a bit distracting having a TV right in front of the stage though – made us feel like we were performing live during the Barcelona game.

I think that we’d definitely go back though and I made some new friends while we were sat around watching the other acts. One was a fellow bassist who hadn’t been playing for a while due to a cast on his arm. He said that he liked my bass and then invited us down to the Tuesday night open mic might at The Odd Bar so we’ll probably be checking that out too.

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