The Pavilion 04/05/2008

“I left a beer out in the rain (and I’ll never have that recipe again)”

Pictures are here

Afternoon gig on the Sunday of a bank holiday? Good idea we thought. Outside if the weather is nice? Very good idea we thought. Plans of getting dozens of butterflies to release over Victoria Park entered our heads recalling that Hyde Park ’68 vibe.

So, we got to The Pavilion at four in the afternoon. Initially we weren’t too worried by the fact that the promoter Will wasn’t there and the PA wasn’t set up. After all, he’s a lot like us; all very last-minute.

We grabbed a beer and went outside to sit in the sun and watch the football games on the park. Ant and I then launched into a discussion on the name of the game where it’s every man for himself against one goalkeeper. If you score you’re through to the next round and last player to score is out. Eventually you get down to the final two players and then you need two goals to win. Ant calls it “Cupties” but round our neck of the woods (some 6 miles away) it was always called “Wembley”

Anyway, the weather changed and it started spitting and so we went back inside and called Will. Apparently the gig had been moved back to later in the day but he hadn’t thought to tell us.

Since we were playing acoustically, we managed to get ourselves on first when the gig finally did start at 7. We played for about half and hour and despite the fact we were a bit annoyed at Will, we still played Honky Tonk Women for him:

You Come Around
I’ll Get By
After Quatermass
Everything I Do
All I Want
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
While You Wait
Honky Tonk Women

Ant managed to break a string in the middle of I’ll Get By but a combination of his genius and a capo meant that he got through the rest of the set without anyone really noticing. As always, I pointed out afterwards that Keith Richards only needs five strings so surely anymore is just extravagant but, to be fair, I don’t really know anything about playing the guitar.

Anyway, broken string aside it was another pretty good gig although probably not quite as good as the acoustic final the other week.

We did feel slightly guilty about the fact that we didn’t stay to watch the rest of the bands though. We slipped out the back, Jack, pretty soon after we’d finished (proving there are fifty ways to leave a gig), but bearing in mind we’d been waiting around doing nothing for three hours the feeling soon passed…

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