The Pavilion 05/06/2009

“All mistakes are purely intentional”

With Sarah still in New York, Ant and I decamped to The Pavilion in Leicester to perform as a two-piece yet again. With that in mind, we took the opportunity to unveil a brand new song; You and Me. It’s a mellow, folky love song featuring some superb finger-picking guitar by Ant. It also meant the return of the “cheat sheet”. Playing it three times in rehearsal wasn’t quite enough for me to be 100% on the lyrics so I had a piece of paper with some key words on it, sat on the floor next to the set list. Hopefully no-one noticed my furtive glances at it during the song.

So, the full set went something like this:

You Come Around
She’s His Girlfriend
All I Want
I’ll Get By
You And Me
On Top Of The World
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
While You Wait

All in all not a bad gig, but not really helped by The Pavilion clearing out after the band before us. They played for about an hour and seemed to play half of the new Green Day album. No wonder the place emptied, even we struggled to keep our eyes open. Surely not even hard core Green Day fans would have wanted to be put through that? At least they didn’t play the full length version of Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Our mood wasn’t particularly helped by the fact that England lost in the cricket to The Netherlands. At least the six or so people who were still about when we went on were very kind with their applause. They all joined in for While You Wait and they didn’t seem to notice the odd mistake that we made here and there…

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