The Pavilion 06/03/2008

“I’m gonna let you down and leave you flat”

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Back to The Pavilion in Leicester, this time as a full band and with drums in tow, we discovered just how small the stage there really is.  Ah well, it was all good fun even though we had colds. Still, we managed to soldier on.

Ant and I warmed up for the gig by playing guess The Beatles’ B-side with the guy who was going on before us. He’d told us that he was going to be opening his set with a flip by the fab four and we tried to guess which one. The game went something like:

“Old Brown Shoe?”
“The Inner Light?”
“I Am The Walrus? Revolution?”
“No and no”

In the end it was You Can’t Do That, the B-side to Can’t Buy Me Love. He played it in a slightly Nilsson-esque way, although obviously not as good.

(As a brief aside, I recommend getting Pandemonium Shadow Show and Aerial Ballet, Nilsson’s first two albums now available as a 2CD set including his brilliant cover of She’s Leaving Home and the one song of his that you’ll have heard of; Everybody’s Talking. Best not to get anything he recorded after he became an alcoholic on Lennon’s lost weekend)

While we were stood around chatting, we got to talking about playing covers. We told him that we sometimes played some Rolling Stones’ tracks. He said that he liked to play slightly obscure songs, such as Beatles’ B-sides so as to avoid the clichés of covering things like Honky Tonk Women. I’m not entirely sure what he thought of us when we told him that we cover that quite a lot.

Anyway, onto our performance – considering the colds, we were pretty good. In fact Will has already booked us to return. Our set-list looked something like this:

I’m On My Way
All I Want
I Wanna Be Retro
Rip It Up
You Throw My Love Away
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
She’s His Girlfriend
While You Wait

So, first outings of the year for I Wanna Be Retro and I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do. The While You Wait play-a-long is as popular as ever and Rip It Up is starting to get some love too.

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