The Pavilion 13/02/2009

“Just like honey”

A curious mix of the old and the new at The Pavilion on Victoria Park in Leicester. The new being our brand new song; A Growing Silence. The old being the prevailing trend of shoe gaze bands. When did that make a comeback? I must have missed the memo since I’d assumed that a combination of madchester and britpop had killed it off. It seems that rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Anyway, here’s our set list:

She’s His Girlfriend
Everything I Do
A Growing Silence
I’ll Get By
All I Want
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

Full marks, I think, to Ant and I for getting A Growing Silence just about right despite the fact that we’d only rehearsed a couple of times the night before the gig (ah, can’t beat living on the edge) Bonus points for me for actually remembering the words. Although I’m not sure we should have been playing it as it’s hardly the romantic sort of song that you’d normally hear around Valentine’s day.

Sarah came on for I’ll Get By, the thinking being that if we messed up the new song, a new singer on stage would be a welcome distraction. As always, she took the lead vocals for While You Wait.

The best thing about the night though was the fact that we got to go on first. This meant that there were actually people around to see us play (and to be forced to join in on While You Wait) It also means that we don’t end up being the incongruous acoustic band on in-between full-on electric acts. Plus, it means that once we’ve finished, we can chill out, have a few drinks, enjoy the rest of the evening and laugh at other bands who can’t spell “merchandise” correctly.

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