The Pavilion 15/05/2009

“Made it ma! Top of the world!”

Pictures are here

Somehow, and we’re still not quite sure how it happened, we got enough votes to get through to the next round of The Pav’s Winner Takes It All competition. We can only guess that a lot of people put us down as their second votes. Proof, if it were needed, of the dangers of proportional representation. It’s the hanging chads all over again! Or, as Homer Simpson puts it, “democracy just doesn’t work”

The first band of the evening, introduced their first song as a cover. It was a poor version of Killing In The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine, notable only because the singer tried to sing both the lead and back-up vocals. They then proceeded to introduce each of the following songs with, “this is one of ours” just in case anyone mistook them for somebody else’s obscure b-sides.

In a similar style, here’s our set list featuring one by The Byrds, Belle & Sebastian, Bryan Adams, Buzzcocks, Teenage Fanclub, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles:

You Come Around
On Top Of The World
Everything I Do
She’s His Girlfriend
I’ll Get By
It’s In The Air
All I Want
While You Wait

All in all, it was a good gig. Sarah joined Ant and I for the last three songs and took lead vocals for While You Wait which went down well as always. We even had people singing and clapping along to On Top Of The World. Hmm, maybe we did deserve to go through after all.

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