The Pavilion 16/02/2008

“Post tour ice creams”

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Our first ever gig at a new Leicester venue had a kind of celebratory feel to it. We had a mad rush of gigs at the start of the month and then there was our recording session for All I Want at the start of the week.

With Stu otherwise engaged, Ant and I headed to The Pavilion on Victoria Park to perform an acoustic set. We played for about half an hour and our set included a brand new song, Everything I Do and a first acoustic outing for She’s His Girlfriend:

You Come Around
I’ll Get By
All I Want
Everything I Do
After Quatermass
She’s His Girlfriend
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

The new song went down really well. I’d been a bit worried about it since we’d only actually rehearsed it a couple of times the night before the gig. In fact on Friday, I’d had some problems getting the middle 8 right. We finally came up with a really simple solution – let Ant sing that bit. Sorted.

While You Wait was also a big hit, especially with Will’s wife. In fact the whole evening went really smoothly apart from Ant having a slight problem with his guitar de-tuning during a couple of songs. At least it gave me the opportunity to point out that it wasn’t my singing that was out of tune for a change!

Since we’d had such a good gig, we treated ourselves to ice creams. Yes, The Pavilion isn’t just a clever name, it’s an actual park pavilion. So, Ant had a mini milk and I had a Feast. Unfortunately, it was a plain chocolate one because they didn’t have any mint ones.

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