The Pavilion 19/04/2008

“Try to run, try to hide”

Another gig at The Pavilion in Leicester and yet another late night. However, this time it wasn’t due to going on stage late but due to the fact that I was putting up my friends Cat Matador from Oxford up in my house and we stayed up drinking until 5am.

Anyway, it was a great gig and an enjoyable night even if parts of it did verge on the surreal…

While we were onstage, Darren, from Cat Matador, joined us on stage to play bass on All I Want. This was completely unplanned and unrehearsed; he played the one song and then got back off stage. Then some guy in the audience started heckling us, saying, “Where’s your bass player gone?” He’d thought that Darren was our full-time bassist and had gone to get drunk rather than play!

Then, Will, the promoter, started taking round a plate of free samosas which he offered to us in the end but we turned them down because we were still playing.

Finally, near the end of the set, the owner walked in and demanded that we play a Rolling Stones song. I guess that Will had been telling him about us. So, despite the fact that we’d not rehearsed it for weeks, we knocked off a passable version of Honky Tonk Women, which must have been pretty good as he gave us all a free drink afterwards.

All of which meant that the set-list looked like this in the end:

I’m On My Way
Rip It Up
T-Shirt Hero
All I Want
You Throw My Love Away
I Don’t Know What It Is
While You Wait
Dead To The World
Honky Tonk Women

After coming off stage I had a weird conversation with the owner that ended with the two of us singing Break On Through by The Doors. Meanwhile, Cat Matador were good and they went down well so hopefully they’ll be coming back soon.

The only real downside to the evening was the fact that no-one took a camera so there aren’t any pictures of me in my poncho. Although, I guess that Ant would say that’s a good thing.

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