The Shed 11/04/2008

“You don’t really care for music do you?”

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Back to The Cellar Bar at The Shed in Leicester for the semi-final of The Shed’s Acoustic Championship 2008. Somehow, and we’re not quite sure how, we managed to squeeze through to this year’s final.

It’s not that we were bad, it’s just that we didn’t make it easy for ourselves. Not only did we introduce a brand new song, Sash Don’t Look So Blue, into the set-list but we also introduced a brand new singer. All this after Sarah had just one prior evening of rehearsal.

In fact that was only a couple of days ago and all we’d done before that was to give her a CD with a few songs on it and some lyrics. When we’d started that rehearsal we hadn’t actually thought about what songs she’d actually been singing. On the plus side though, she can actually sing.

Still, it keeps you on your toes doesn’t it? At least it all worked out for the best in the end. Anyway, here’s that set-list featuring that new track:

You Come Around
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
Everything I Do
All I Want
It’s In The Air
I’ll Get By
While You Wait

Ant and I played the first three songs on our own. Of course this included the newbie with its soon to be classic sing-a-long”ba ba ba ba ba” refrain.

Then, we introduced Sarah who joined us to sing backing vocals before taking the lead on set closer While You Wait. She’s a great singer but she really needs to work on her stage presence – “get you hands out of your pockets” “stand closer to the microphone”

As a reward for her joining the band, we took her to Asda on the way home so that she could buy a watering can (clearly this is why it’s open 24 hours, so that bands can buy watering cans after gigs) Unfortunately, they didn’t have any in stock. Who says that we’re not rock ‘n’ roll!

Also on the bill were the couple who’d played Hallelujah in the last round. They were at it again here and yet again, they described it as a Jeff Buckley cover. This time they were gazumped by another male/female duo playing the same song but describing it as a Leonard Cohen song.

So, who’s better? Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley? In the style of Harry Hill, there’s only one way to decide… No, actually, it’s Leonard Cohen. No need for the fight here.

And as for the versions at The Shed? Well, they were pretty much of a muchness; stick to the original or the John Cale version at a push (especially since all of the covers since Cale’s, including Jeff Buckley’s, have been based on his version but click here for a more in-depth discussion)

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