The Shed 20/04/2008

“It’s getting better all the time (it couldn’t get much worse)”

Last year, we finished 3rd in The Shed’s Acoustic Championship. Despite a year of practice, rehearsing and playing gigs, this year we finished 10th in The Shed’s Battle Of The Acoustics 2008 (no, we’re not entirely sure when they changed the name)

Still, we can’t help but feel it was a little bit backwards. We’d been alright throughout the rounds but we managed to always managed to make it through but the final was easily our best performance of the whole competition so it’s a little disappointing to finish 10th out of 13 acts. Maybe we should blame it on the fact that Stu was unavailable this year.

While yet again, 13 acts was far too many for a Sunday night, it was better organised than last year and we actually got to play a 20 minute set:

She’s His Girlfriend
All I Want
I’ll Get By
Everything I Do
While You Wait

Anyway, the winners were Barricades Rise, which was fair enough since they were one of the better acts. Still, at least we beat the guy who turned up with an electric guitar and backing tapes. That’s stretching anyone’s definition of “acoustic”

We’re not too bitter though, bearing in mind the prizes. The winners got a trophy and a slot at Glastonbudget. Three acts got gigs at The Pavilion while three acts got gigs at The Harrow. It’s a bit like collecting Panini stickers – got, got, got.

As for us, we won a six pack of beer, clearly one of the better prizes. Plus, no band who ever wins one of these competitions ever goes on to do anything. Do they Steve Brookstein? Oh, and if I sound bitter at all, it’s due to being tired after playing a gig on Saturday and then getting home at 2am after another gig on Sunday.

At least we can describe ourselves as the 10th best acostic act in Leicestershire…

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