The Soak 05/03/2009

“Too cool for school”

Pictures are here

The benefit of Birmingham being so far away is that the longer journey time gives us more opportunity to talk nonsense. This time the conversation centred around whether we should get some badges with the band logo on them to hand out at gigs. This soon morphed into an idea of getting some badgers with the band logo on to give out instead.

At least it killed the time until we arrived at Selly Oak where we were playing in the cleverly named The Soak pub. It was an open-mic night with two featured acts of which we were one.

We had a brilliant night but the guy who organised it kept apologising that not many people had turned up, even though there were quite a few open-mic acts. We told him not to worry as we’ve played in front of far fewer people than that before.

Here is what we played:

She’s His Girlfriend
On Top Of The World
A Growing Silence
All I Want
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
I’ll Get By
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

Yes, miles away from home, with no-one we know in the audience we took the opportunity to unleash a new song. On Top Of The World is an upbeat number and it got a good reception so it will probably be staying in the set list. In fact it went down so well that Ant and I excused ourselves the couple of slight mistakes that we made during it.

Sarah hasn’t been very well all week and so she only came onstage for the last two songs. That was when we discovered that students in Selly Oak are too cool to join in on percussion. All of the open-mic acts that were sat around the stage were happy to join in but those sat around the front of the pub weren’t interested no matter how much we implored them. Ah well, their loss…

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