Speakeasy 27/09/2009

“I know what you think, I think the same things as you”

Pictures are here

This gig had been booked for a while but after we made the decision that we weren’t going to play live any more, this suddenly became the first part of our valedictory tour. I knew that Anthony had written quite a few new songs and I’d suggested that we go out in a blaze of glory by learning four of them – A Song For You, For Beth Wherever She May Be, Goodbye Girl and Turntable. Eventually, sanity prevailed and we only added the last of these to the set-list:

On Top Of The World
Everything I Do
I’ll Get By
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
She’s His Girlfriend
All I Want
While You Wait

I love Turntable though, there’s a great bit in the middle 8 listing bands where you can sing the name of pretty much any band. Since my friends Ed and Nathan were there, I inserted Terrorvision as they’re both big fans. As always, Sarah joined us for the second half of the gig and sang lead vocals on While You Wait.

I thought that we played a brilliant gig and there must be something about playing in Nottingham whereby the gig takes place in the upstairs room in a pub, which is pretty cool and makes me feel a bit like I’m in one of those bands from the 1970’s that you read about. Plus it’s always good to see Satnam’s Tash again. However, it’s slightly annoying that it’s taken us until our penultimate gig to find that perfect balance between perfect and sloppy that leads to an exciting performance. It means that Anthony can cover for my (many) mistakes and I can cover for his (occasional) ones, no-one in the crowd notices and we can allow ourselves a knowing smile at each other on stage.

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