The Sun 12/03/2008

“You stole the sun from my heart”

Pictures are here

Maybe we’re just too trusting. Maybe we’ve just been lucky before. Well, for the first time, one of our pieces of percussion has gone missing.

As most people know, we like to finish our gigs with a play-a-long, handing out percussion so that everyone can join in on While You Wait. We did the same thing at The Sun in Leicester and, as always, it went down really well. Unfortunately, someone seems to have walked off with our cabassa.

If anyone reads this has any idea where it is please get in touch. We love to hand out percussion but we don’t have a lot to start with and if it goes missing it means that someone misses out at the next gig. Plus, if people keep nicking stuff, we’ll be far less likely to hand anything out at all.

Tearful appeal and passive-aggressive threat over, our actual set went pretty well. Having said that, there’s not doubt that we were helped enormously by the fact we got to go on first. The band that went on after us were pretty much ignored as everyone in the pub watched the penalty shoot-out in the Tottenham game.

Here’s our pre-football excitement set-list :

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
After Quatermass
She’s His Girlfriend
You Throw My Love Away
Rip It Up
While You Wait

As I’ve said, it was a good performance and it went down well. Oh and be sure to check out the ace pictures taken by professional photographer Trevor Sewell. He managed to capture the myriad costume changes and they’re easily the best gig photos that we’ve had taken so far.

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