The Sun 23/04/2009

“You kick the bucket and I’ll swing my legs”

Pictures are here

“Play some Kings of Leon!” “Yeah! Play Sex On Fire!” Ah, the youth of today; they see a couple of guys with little beards and long hair and immediately think of Kings Of Leon. However, the band that they were heckling actually looked far more like The Magic Numbers. They had to announce that they didn’t know any Kings Of Leon and continued to play their turgid heavy rock instead. It’s probably safe to say that they didn’t know any Magic Numbers either.

Following them was the blues guy who was playing at The Sun the last time that we were there. That wouldn’t have been too bad but he played exactly the same set as he played a month before and I think that he might have even used exactly the same between song banter as well.

After all that it was pretty late by the time that we went on-stage but we still managed to get though the following:

I’ll Get By
On Top Of The World
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
All I Want
After Quatermass
Everything I Do
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

So, After Quatermass was brought out of cold storage and given its first airing of the year. It’s good to see that the crowd are still just as excited by the appearance of the melodica. As usual, Sarah joined Ant and myself for the last two songs. Another good gig and I really enjoyed myself as you can see from the pictures of me climbing all over the railings.

Although, I think that I’d been put in such a good mood because I’d been asked for ID when buying a drink earlier in the evening. That’s despite the fact that I’m the oldest member of the band. Ant and Sarah have started rumours that there’s a portrait in my attic that all of my sins have been visited upon while I remain looking young. I just put it down to Nivea Q10.

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