Tales Of Robin Hood 07/10/2007

“Drum Machine 2: Judgement Day”

Pictures are here

After playing hockey yesterday, Stu woke up this morning unable to stand up, sit down or walk because of a back injury. I didn’t really want to cancel the gig at such short notice as I thought that might give us a bad name with the promoters who we had never played for before. So, faced with that prospect, we decided to dig out the drum machine. After an afternoon of frantic rehearsal we played the same set of songs as at our last gig with a drum machine but in a slightly different order:

All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
You Throw My Love Away
I’ll Get By
I Don’t Know What It Is
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

Despite the fact that we only had time to run through the songs a couple of times due to time constraints, we actually sounded alright. As we have for our last couple of gigs we handed out some percussion for the set ending While You Wait. Now, this goes down really well in Leicester but for some reason the Nottingham crowd weren’t really into it. It seemed that a lot of them were rather too busy trying to look cool rather than have fun.

All in all, it was quite a stressful day, what with Stu injuring himself. Then, we didn’t get to have a sound check despite the fact we turned up at the venue at 6:30. To round it off, a lot of the guys that I play cricket with said that they would be coming to see us but didn’t turn up. Fortunately, with only two outputs a line check was all we really needed anyway (although that doesn’t really make up for having to wait around for most of the evening) and as for the other issues, we stuck to the old showbiz maxim – the show must go on!

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