The Alchemist 26/04/2007

“Do you wanna be in my gang?”

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With unwarranted bravado, I’d been saying for the last couple of weeks that I’d happily jump off the 7ft stage at The Alchemist. I thought that it didn’t sound that high, surely only about 2 and a bit times the height of the stage at The Shed which I’d happily jumped off several times. Walking in and seeing just how high that is, I instantly had second thoughts. After getting up there, my mind was made up; there was no way that I was jumping off the stage. It certainly is impressive though.

There were three other bands on. Blue Light District, who played mainly bluesy-rock covers including Hey Joe. Now, I’m a big fan of Jimi Hendrix and The Leaves but I think the first Love album is brilliant and I started moaning that no-one plays it fast anymore. Ant and Stu weren’t really listening to me so I skulked off to fill up the bubble machine. Then there was The Mile who mixed some pretty good keyboard work with comedy hats. Finally, headlining the evening were Fast Gallows, rockers from Denmark playing the last gig of their UK tour. They’re a bit heavier than the stuff I normally listen to but I was still surprised and a bit disappointed that they played quite a short set.

Oh and of course, there was us. Considering it was our first “full band” gig since we started playing again we were really good. In the end I stuck to just strutting on the stage rather than jumping off. I can’t believe that it’s been two and a half years since I’ve played bass in public, although I only actually played it on the last song in the set-list:

While You Wait
I Don’t Know What It Is
You Throw My Love Away
After Quatermass
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
All I Want
Dead To The World

The biggest cheer of the night came for the melodic and bubbles combo of After Quatermass, and you know you must be doing something right when even the Danish rock band are impressed by your bubbles. In fact they even wanted to borrow my bubble machine and take it back to Denmark with them. I said no as I only got it last week but I kind of wish I’d let them have it now. They could have taken pictures of it on tour around Denmark’s rock clubs, kind of like the gnome in Amelie.

An even weirder thing happened when we got off stage though. We were at the bar after sorting out another couple of gigs with Will when a guy with a moustache came up to me. He said that he was involved with a band and they were looking for a bassist and keyboardist and wanted to know if I wanted to join them and play bass. To start off with I thought he was taken the piss and I told him that I clearly wasn’t much of a bassist. I thought it was obviously that I’m more of a front man and I pointed out the fact that he’d only heard me play on one song. He was still really insistent. The really odd thing is that he thought I’d want to join another band when I was clearly already in one. In the end I took his card and told him I’d think about going to the band’s rehearsal just to be polite. I’ve got no intention of going along or even checking out their Myspace page to be honest. I’m having far too much fun being in my own band playing our own songs. Whether Stu contacts them about the keyboard position remains to be seen…

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