The Alchemist 28/06/2007

“I’ll bet you five you’re not alive if you don’t know his name”

With Stu on holiday it was left to Ant and I to hold the fort and play our first ever gig as a duo. It was a night of firsts as unveiled our new song I’ll Get By for the first time and we gave a first public airing to our cover of Honky Tonk Women. It was a pretty eclectic night with an acoustic soloist followed by a middle-aged band, us playing our acoustic set, a heavy metal band and then local rapper, MC Pinball. Unfortunately, a proposed collaboration between Ant and MC Pinball failed to materialise. We had a fun night, we got to soundcheck with the “There is a man…” song about Charles Foster Kane from Citizen Kane, also featured in The Union Forever by The White Stripes. After that we played for about twenty-five minutes:

You Come Around
All I Want
I’ll Get By
Honky Tonk Women
It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
While You Wait

The songs all went down well especially After Quatermass which everyone seems to love if only for the bubbles. We followed that up with a quick rendition of Happy Birthday for a girl called Kathryn in the audience.

Then, before we played While You Wait, I implored the audience to “put it on your phone”. This was a bit of a private joke between Ant and myself having a laugh over a band we saw at the rain-soaked Wireless Festival in Leeds a couple of weeks ago. The first band on the second stage gave out their MySpace address and told the audience to “put it on your phone”. For some reason none of the other bands over the weekend gave out their MySpace address, maybe The White Stripes’ De Stijl working methods forbid them having one. Anyway, we thought it was pretty funny, although we can’t now remember the name of the band that we were taking the piss out of.

Anyway, I do love playing at The Alchemist, that stage is just amazing. We’re back there next week with added drummer, although I don’t think we’ll be doing anymore audience requests.

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