The Harrow 09/02/2008

“I just can’t seem to drink you off my mind”

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Ever since we’ve known him, our promoter Will has been telling us that we could make money as a Rolling Stones tribute act. Ant and I have done the cover band thing and we don’t really want to go back there.

However, when we were offered this gig back in November, Will said that he’d like us to do two sets, playing a mixture of our own material and the Stones. Plus, he also said that the 10th of February was his birthday so we’ve been trying a few tracks at rehearsals.

Ant and Stu proved to be a lot more conscientious than me. They spent a lot of time actually listening to songs while I assumed that I’d know how they went. It turned out that I had absolutely no idea how Start Me Up went at all. As I always say, “Nothing after Mick Taylor left!” We still managed to get through 10 Stones covers in preparation.

When we got to The Harrow, the plan had changed so we were only going to be playing one set. However, we were told that we’d get to play a 45 minute set and so we included a few Jagger/Richards compositions into our set-list.

When we started playing, we experienced a true first – the first time that we’ve ever been threatened to stay ON stage. One guy spent most of The Eaves’ set heckling them, including the classic, “whip us into an ice cream!” Well, he enjoyed Brown Sugar and While You Wait so much that, at the end of our set, he grabbed my microphone and demanded that we play another song.

Since we like to give the audience what they want and since we were pretty scared, we played an encore of Honky Tonk Women. That’s when things started to get really surreal as he took off his topĀ  and started to undo his trousers.

Fortunately for all concerned he kept them on. Anyway, the full set-list ended up looking like this:

I’m On My Way
Get Off My Cloud
I Don’t Know What It Is
All I Want
Rip It Up
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
T-Shirt Hero
You Throw My Love Away
Brown Sugar
While You Wait
Honky Tonk Women

Playing in such a busy pub is starting to give Ant some problems though. Usually the solo in You Throw My Love Away is long enough for me to stick love hearts on everyone in the crowd but as the crowd gets bigger the solos have to get longer as I go on walkabout.

If we play anywhere bigger, we may have to just play the one song! Actually, thinking about that, it’s good to see how far we’ve come in a year – this gig marks 51 weeks since we first played as the sixth circle in The Shed’s Acoustic Championship.

All in all, this has been a really great gig. It’s nice to be liked even if it is just by the local drunk Stones fan and for once we don’t mean Will.

It was also good to see Pope Tom again who’d come up to see us play for the first time in ages. Now, we just need to convince him to move back here and start playing the bass again…

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