The Harrow 25/04/2008

“Pot the red and then screw back for the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black”

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Having once again misplaced our drummer, Ant and I headed off to The Harrow in Thurmaston armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a bad of percussion. Hanging around at the bar before the gig, we got chatting to a guy called Joe who was from Penge and who claimed that he’d been to school with Bill Wyman. We spent a bit of time chatting about the former Stones’ bass player but Joe didn’t seem to be aware that he’d now released his own metal detector. Joe then suggested that we get a gig at Pontins. Even though the season is about to start, Ant and I exchanged quizzical glances. Seeing that we weren’t convinced, Joe pointed out that Ray Reardon had started out at Pontins and had then gone on to be world champion(!) Fortunately for us, Muz, one of the guys who sets up the gigs, intervened. He pointed out that there was one agency that had all of the holiday camps tied up and it could take six months just to get an audition. Joe looked a bit crestfallen at this information. He said that if Bill walked into the pub then he’d recognise him and that he wished that he still had his phone number. Ignoring the fact that Bill Wyman had probably changed his phone number since he left school, the implication had been that Bill could have gotten us a gig at Pontins.

Unfortunately, Bill Wyman didn’t walk into the pub and so our dreams of being redcoats ended there and then. However, if he had, he would have heard a set top and tailed by a Rolling Stones’ cover:

Honky Tonk Women
I’ll Get By
It’s In The Air
All I Want
Hotel Yorba
Everything I Do
While You Wait
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

So, a first ever live airing for Hotel Yorba, the classic by The White Stripes. We used to mess around with it back in our Pope Tom & The Cardinals days and I think it  was the first song that I ever learned how to play on bass.

The gig went down pretty well even though I had a cold and missed more notes than usual. Will demanded an encore but partly due to my voice and partly due to the fact that these were the only eight songs that we’d rehearsed. Still, we had a guy come up to us after the show and asked for our autographs. He said that he was looking forward to seeing us at Glastonbudget and so we agreed to sign a beermat for him. While it all seemed a bit surreal , just imagine how much that beermat will be worth after we make it big at Pontins.

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