The King’s Head 16/12/2007

“Won’t you take me back to my home town?”

Pictures are here

The hometown show is the big one, the people who called you weirdo in highschool get to see what a successful freak you’ve become. So, we were playing back in Melton for the first time in over three years and only our second gig on our home soil. This time was at the behest of fellow locals, Smoking Kills, who I discovered on MySpace and then begged for a gig.

So, there we are, in The King’s Head, filled with friends, people from work and even my dad. Although, to be fair, he didn’t really have anything to say about the music as he was too busy moaning about the price of a bottle of Budweiser. He also had to tell my work colleagues to take their feet of the seats but he wasn’t being as serious as they thought he was.

A bit of pressure on the set then:

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
All I Want
Rip It Up
You Throw My Love Away
She’s His Girlfriend
After Quatermass
I Wanna Be Retro
While You Wait

Fortunately, it was a great performance, filled with all of our trademarks – brilliant songs, costume changes, love hearts and audience participation. The crowd seemed to love it, although the guys that I play football with, who just happened to be in the pub, weren’t that impressed with their love hearts.

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