The Malt Cross 29/05/2007

“Hitting the glass ceiling”

Pictures are here

Our first ever gig in Nottingham was at The Malt Cross, an amazing old pub with an incredible glass roof. It was an open mic night so we were limited to three songs:

It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
While You Wait

We kept it democratic and picked a song each with Stu picking the first one, Ant choosing the final one and me selecting the middle one. As always, the instrumental of After Quatermass was filled with me running round with my bubble machine. Now, due to the location of the stage at The Malt Cross, this meant that I had to go upstairs in order to get downstairs. I was about halfway down the staircase when I realised that it was almost time for my cue to begin singing again. Ant and Stu had to extend the song to give me enough time to “bubble” the whole pub and get back to the stage. After that, I decided that best thing to do was to stay on stage and so just had a little dance with Stu during While You Wait.

It’s always good to play new places and The Malt Cross seems like a nice venue. I gave them our contact details so hopefully they’ll invite us back to play a full gig, and if they don’t, we’ll just have to keep showing up at the open mic nights…

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