The Malt Shovel 12/10/2007

“One more round”

Pictures are here

Phew! It’s been a crazy few days with three gigs in three counties in six nights; our gig at The Malt Shovel in Grantham representing our first foray into Lincolnshire. Just like the other night, a couple of bands pulled out of the gig at the last-minute which mean that there was just us and another band on. Tracey, the landlady who’d organised the gig, was away and so someone else had to set up the PA system. The rest of the staff were too scared to even touch it and the other band were totally ignorant so we had to do it. I’m starting to think that we might have missed our true calling in life as roadies! With the gear set up, we played for about thirty minutes and the set-list went just like this:

I’m On My Way
All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
I Don’t Know What It Is
You Throw My Love Away
While You Wait
I Wanna Be Retro
Dead To The World

Actually, speaking of the other band, they all looked like skinny indie kids (one was even skinnier than me) and we’d expected them to be an indie/nu-rave band but they played metal. The drummer even had a Murderdolls style mask on. What is the world coming to?

Anyway, it was a really good night despite the fact that the other bands had pulled out. It’s a great little venue and I really enjoyed it if only because there was plenty of space for me to strut in. We probably weren’t quite as good as on Wednesday, but it was still a top performance. Had we’d known that the other bands had dropped out we could have perhaps prepared a longer set but with this being our third gig in six days we were all ready for cocoa and bed…

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