The Malt Shovel 25/01/2008

“Helps you work, rest and play”

Pictures are here

Ah, the first proper, plugged-in gig of the year; full of fluffed lyrics and missed cues caused by the winter hibernation. Although, given the weather, we probably shouldn’t have woken up yet. In fact it was so cold that one of the locals offered to use his cigarette lighter to warm up the drum skins for us.

Actually, the evening went really well and Stu even got to play soundman to the first two bands on. While that was happening, I spent half an hour arguing with a guy called Jobi, who I had just met, about the best way to eat a Mars bar. He claimed that you should eat the “top” first, hence eating all of the caramel first. My counterpoint being that you want the caramel experience in every bite.

To prove my point, I bought a Mars bar before we went on and proceeded to eat it during the introduction to I Don’t Know What It Is. Anyway, here’s the set-list in full:

I’m On My Way
Rip It Up
All I Want
T-Shirt Hero
You Throw My Love Away
She’s His Girlfriend
I Don’t Know What It Is
While You Wait

We learnt two very important lessons during this gig: don’t eat during intros and 14-year old guitarists don’t like having love hearts stuck on them. So, while you shouldn’t sing with your mouth full, most people probably thought that I sounded better when they couldn’t really hear me sing. I also figured that someone, regardless of their age, ripping off their love heart is probably a pretty good metaphor for You Throw My Love Away anyway.

We also discovered that the best way to get the position in the running order that you want is to just repeatedly claim that’s when you’re going on ie “We’re going on third!” This worked even though everyone had received the same message about sorting out the running order on the night.

Ah well, it didn’t affect us as we weren’t on last for a change. We must have sounded alright too as Tracy has already asked us to come back and play again.

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