The Maze 30/06/2009

“You have now found yourself trapped in the incomprehensible maze”

Pictures are here

The Maze; the very words bring forth images of the labyrinth at Knossos, the hedge at Hampton Court and Richard O’Brian’s crystal one. Well, it’s also the name of the back-room music venue at The Forest Tavern in Nottingham. Our good friends Accidentals invited us to play as they were organising the night and we were more than happy to accept their invitation. Plus, the benefit of playing in Nottingham is that Elmo doesn’t complain about having to drive to Leicester.

Anyway, the gig itself was an awesome one featuring five bands with Accidentals headlining. We had the bonus of going on quite early and played for about thirty minutes:

I’ll Get By
On Top Of The World
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
Everything I Do
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
She’s His Girlfriend
All I Want
While You Wait

Sarah came on stage for the last couple of songs as always and took the lead vocals on While You Wait. We were on form and the set went down really well, especially the big crowd shake-a-long. It was a brilliant night, credit to Accidentals for organising it and for topping it off with a great performance.

It was also good to see my mate Ed again who came to see us for the first time. It also meant that I could introduce him to Elmo, who he’d spoken to after I overdid it on booze after a day at Trent Bridge, but never met.

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