The Musician 06/08/2007

“Small but perfectly formed”

Pictures are here

With Stu missing, it was left to Ant and I to head on down to the open mic night at The Musician. As we were setting up, the sound man asked me what I was placing atop his expensive speaker stack. He’s obviously never seen a bubble machine before. So, with only two songs permitted per act, we played

While You Wait
All I Want

beneath a welter of bubbles before leaving the stage. They have a closed circuit TV system so that you can see the stage on TV from the bar. This meant that, as I was strutting around during All I Want, I could pause near the bar and still see how Ant was getting on without me.

We’d never been to The Musician before but I thought it was a great little venue and there were some really good acts on. Although perhaps too many folkies for our taste and anyone who says that he’s playing two-thirds of a song suite is far too pretentious for my liking. So, even though I got into trouble with Elmo for knocking half a glass of coke all over her jeans, I think we’ll be back soon. It was a good way to advertise our gig at The Shed next week and it’s always good to say that you’ve been on TV.

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