The Pavilion 26/11/2008

“Don’t call it a comeback”

Pictures are here

It’s been six months but, once back on stage, it felt like six minutes, although our first gig in a long time had a very surreal air about it. It was acoustic night at The Pavilion and with four acts on, we decided between us that rather than just play our full sets one after another, we’d each play three songs and then the next act would go on. It was a great idea and meant that everyone would be playing a couple of short sets. Now, to decide on a running order for the acts we needed a challenge – rock, scissors, paper was quickly ruled out, as was a last man standing battle royale (which was a bit of a shame as, being a three-piece, I’d have fancied our chances against three solo acts) Eventually we decided on who could jump furthest off one foot. Backwards(!) I was “volunteered”and finished a creditable second behind Mark (who had the unfair advantage of having the longest legs) Joe then beat Jake in the 3rd/4th place play-off, although we eventually let Joe go before us, making a bit of a mockery of the whole process. Then, about halfway through the evening, Chris turned with his travel guitar anyway.

When we finally got going, there were some problems with the PA with only one of the speakers working. We figured that if “Back to mono” was good enough for Phil Spector then it’s definitely good enough for us. The two sets that we played were both about 10 minutes long:

She’s His Girlfriend
You Come Around
Everything I Do


All I Want
It’s In The Air
While You Wait

It’s a bit like The Beatles, doing two sets in one evening – Ant and I played the first, with Sarah joining us for the second, where she took the lead vocals on While You Wait. Meanwhile Ant was proving that lightning can strike twice. He broke a string during Everything I Do, replaced it during the interval and then broke the same string during It’s In The Air. Fortunately, we managed to borrow a guitar for the rousing finale (cheers again Mark)

It didn’t really feel like a gig, it was really informal. With a small but friendly crowd the on-stage banter went to realms such as Vimto vs Coca Cola – which is better? Why Choc Dips are a rip off – Why doesn’t the chocolate go all the way down?! For my sins, I also told a really poor joke about The Proclaimers that I stole from Jimmy Carr (and which I shan’t repeat here)

Jake lives just outside of Melton so on the way home we ended up next to him at four sets of traffic lights. Clearly, there was only one course of action – Drag Race! The races finished 2-2 before they turned off to get a pizza and I was quite happy to get home in one piece after leaving some impressive amounts of burnt rubber down on the asphalt. Ah, hopping competitions, Vimto, drag races and Vimto, oh and some music; it’s good to be back…

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