The Rose Of England 31/01/2008

“Never talk to strangers”

Pictures are here

Back to Nottingham for our second gig in the city in two nights. This time we played at The Rose Of England, just round the back of the Victoria Centre. Of course that meant that I did my usual and got lost while driving down Mansfield Road. It was a brilliant venue though; the gig was being held upstairs in a proper old-school pub function room.

Ant took his own guitar amp so we managed to avoid the gremlins of the night before. With the kit behaving itself, we put on a great show.

We must have been pretty good since when I was giving out love hearts during You Throw My Love Away, a group of guys asked me to see them afterwards. Hmm, a bunch of strangers in a pub that I’d never been to before asking to see me after I’d given them a pink love heart.

Fortunately, they were just booking bands for a festival in Gunthorpe in July. We had a chat with them and a couple of beers and we accepted their offer of playing on the back of a lorry in a field. Hopefully, we’ll have a bit more of a summer this year. Surely just a bit of sun.

Anyway, this is what they heard:

I’m On My Way
Rip It Up
All I Want
You Throw My Love Away
She’s His Girlfriend
While You Wait

As you can see we made a few changes from the set-list that we played the night before at Yates’. We still feel like we have to start every gig with I’m On My Way and end with the audience participation of While You Wait. It’s just common sense.

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