The Shed 01/02/2008

“Dust my broom”

Pictures are here

The final night of our “mini tour” – three nights, two cities and three different venues; tiring but absolutely brilliant. So, we finished up at The Shed in Leicester in the first round of the 2008 acoustic competition. We made our debut at the sixth circle in last year’s competition but this year we had to make do without Stu.

It was a bit of an odd night though. Before the acoustic entertainment started, there was a young rap collective performing. They played for about an hour with seemingly random people joining them on stage including the world’s tallest rapper. Maybe acts like this have the right idea; get all of your mates in free by making out that they’re in the band.

Trevor, who was losing his voice also asked if Rob was our manager. He’d obviously seen him around at a lot of our gigs and didn’t realise that he’s just our friend who also helps us out by taking photographs.

Anyway, with Stu unavailable, the pressure was on Ant and I to get us through to the next round. As always we made some changes to our set-list to make it different to the previous two nights and so it ended up looking like this:

You Come Around
It’s In The Air
All I Want
I’ll Get By
After Quatermass
Honky Tonk Women
While You Wait

Highlights were the first performance of the year of the classic indie pop song I’ll Get By and While You Wait featuring The Carnabys on percussion. Although, afterwards they did claim that it was a rip off of That’s Entertainment. I assume that they were saying that purely because we we’re playing it on acoustic guitar. It’s a good job that Gary isn’t around anymore though, he would have loved us being compared to The Jam.

Then, to round off the evening, Ant showed up his punk credentials by sweeping up (in the words of Noel Fielding, “I don’t pick things up, I knock them down”) We always make a mess with our party poppers at the end of While You Wait and Dave, the barman, is always joking that he’ll make us clear it up. So, when the night was over, he was there with a broom in hand. Ant took it off him and proceeded to clear up all of our mess. We need to be careful though, now he’s done it once, they’ll be expecting it after every gig.

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