The Shed 01/04/2007

“Let us stop talking falsely now, the hour’s getting late”

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First, the big reveal – we finished 3rd in The Shed’s Acoustic Championship 2007. There were 12 acts in all and the only two that beat us are pretty well known on the Leicester music scene so we’re pretty happy with where we came. However, there were a couple of annoying things about the night. When we arrived they had the trophy behind the bar, flanked by a pair of giant Toblerones. The implication clearly was that the winners get the trophy and 2nd and 3rd place each get a Toblerone. However, it turned out that they weren’t actually prizes at all.

The bigger problem was the timing of the event. Having 12 acts there meant that the venue felt really full which led to a great atmosphere but it meant that our supposed 9:40 showtime ended up being nearer to 11:00 after the first few acts were all allowed to play for 30 minutes. Too late, the organisers realised their mistake and started getting acts to cut their set-lists down. By the time we went on, ours was down to five songs but we couldn’t even manage that as we were told, “one more lads” after our third song. That meant that we only got to play:

You Come Around
All I Want
After Quatermass
Let’s Spend The Night Together

We had to make a last minute decision on stage as to whether we were going to play Let’s Spend The Night Together or While You Wait. I do kind of wish that we’d played our own song instead of the cover, especially after we found out that Will wasn’t one of the judges! I thought that we put a pretty good show on though and it was great to be back upstairs in The Shed after so long away.

The really annoying thing about the delays with going on-stage was that some of our friends had to leave without seeing us play as they have early starts for work. It’s not great when they come all the way to Leicester, pay to get in and then have to leave without even hearing us. There was an even bigger let down for Pete as his favourite act “Male Enya” hadn’t qualified for the final. He was a solo artist who accompanied himself on keyboard who we’d seen at one of the heats. Pete christened him that due to his musical style and is a big fan of his emotional singing face which is worryingly similar to an “O” face. However, he wasn’t among the three acts that we actually recognised from earlier in the competition (I dread to think how many rounds they must have had to get down to 12 acts bearing in mind we had to play three times to reach the final)

It was pretty bad for us too, seeing as how the last act didn’t finish until after midnight and then there was the presentation ceremony. Finishing third won us a gig at The Alchemist, which will be a plugged in affair, and we also played so well that we were offed another full band gig at The Shed. I’m actually quite glad that we didn’t win to be honest; the trophy was a bit gaudy and we’d have only had an argument about who gets to keep it at their house when (you have it Monday and Tuesday, you have it Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll have it Friday and Saturday and we’ll alternate Sundays – nothing but trouble) Two gigs is a much better prize in my opinion. I do kind of wish we’d won a Toblerone though…

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