The Shed 04/09/2009

“It must be love, love, love”

I think I could get used to going on first. As we were saying to our friend Dave, the barman, it’s actually just nice to be on stage before midnight! Not only that but there was a sizable crowd for us to play to. Okay, technically they weren’t there to see us but rather were there for the Neon Sarcastic single launch party but it’s still nice to play to a full house. Of course there are downsides. While some of them were listening to us out of politeness, a lot of them were just standing around, not really paying attention, waiting for the old guys with acoustic guitars to finish. The biggest problem with this is when I jump off stage to do a bit of strutting and people are just standing in the way (diva rant!) At least one of the girls said that she liked my “chicken dance” after the show. Clearly not a Mick Jagger fan then. Interest levels did perk up a bit when we handed out the percussion for the finale. So, here’s the set-list in full:

Turn It All Around
On Top Of The World
All I Want
Everything I Do
She’s His Girlfriend
While You Wait

It felt pretty short after our mammoth set last time out at Belvoir but it was good and it went down well. After we’d finished we hung around listening to the other bands and went downstairs where a new acoustic night was starting. Dave introduced us to the organisers and they booked us in for their next night.

Now, while we were downstairs, Sarah was chatted up by one of the acoustic acts. We weren’t quite close enough to hear but either his name was Christian Folk or he played Christian Folk. Either way, she wasn’t interested and she kept turning her back on him to face me and Ant. I have to admit that we weren’t very helpful as we just sat in the corner laughing at her predicament as she was refusing to give out her Facebook addy. We also bumped into one of the guys who used to work at Stayfree, the rehearsal rooms we used to use. We had a good catch up with him and then had quite a long chat about Baileys.

Eventually, Sarah’s new friend had to go on stage so we made our escape and went upstairs to listen to Neon Sarcastic. I don’t think she was very happy with our gentle ribbing about what happened but it was a pretty funny situation and his tenacity only made it funnier. It seems like there’ll be no musically based romance though, no duets here and no need for me and Ant to buys hats.

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