The Shed 04/11/2007

“In jumps a guy all dressed up just like a Union Jack”

Pictures are here

To be honest, I’d only ever vaguely heard of Glastonbudget before; I’d seen some signposts on the A46 and I’ve got recollections of Michael Eavis talking about legal action because the name sounds like Glastonbury. So, when our promoter Will offered us a slot at a Glastonbudget showcase, we just thought of it as another gig. Then we found out that it’s Europe’s largest tribute and unsigned bands festival and was featured on The Culture Show on BBC2 last year. Apparently they have a main stage where the tribute acts play and then another stage for unsigned bands so, if you impress at the showcase, you get offered a slot on the unsigned stage.

So, with this in mind, we knew we had to pull out all of the stops. Well, most of the stops; we’d decided that we weren’t going to be doing our usual percussion distribution to end the show. Then we were chatting with Dave the barman who said that he’d been telling the guys who run Galstonbudget all about the fact we gave out percussion. I had to make an urgent phone call to Elmo to bring my bag of percussion with her.

Then the show began: a brand new song, Rip It Up, which went down well; the bubble machines came back for After Quatermass along with the now traditional mad scientist lab coat; me off-stage during You Throw My Love Away, literally throwing away love hearts. Then came the grand finale, an idea that had come to mind but that I hadn’t shared with anyone. There’s a little room just off the stage at The Shed that’s used for storing instruments in. I disappeared into it at the end of T-Shirt Hero only to re-emerge during the intro for the Stones-eqsue All I Want topless save for a Mick Jagger-esque Union flag. The audience, especially Elmo, were shocked. Ant audibly rolled his eyes.

Then, with me still shirt-less, we finished the show with While You Wait featuring the audience on percussion:

I’m On My Way
I Don’t Know What It Is
Rip It Up
You Throw My Love Away
After Quatermass
T-Shirt Hero
All I Want
While You Wait

If I do say so myself, it was an amazing gig and we must have done something right as we were told that the guys from Glastonbudget wanted to see us as soon as I’d put a shirt on. Then we spent most of the night discussing with them where we could get an industrial size bubble machine from and whether it’s possible to get hold of 10,000 pieces of percussion before May. So, it looks like we might have to dust off the old tent and Wellington boots as we get ready to play our first festival.

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