The Shed 11/01/2009

“I’m so tired, it hasn’t worn off yet. I’m so tired I light another cigarette. And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid get”

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Ah, the joys of going on stage at 11:30 in a Sunday night. We’re used to playing late so it seems a bit churlish to complain even though we were told when we were booked that we’d be going on first. Even though we had to sit through an old guy who thought he was Seasick Steve. Even though we had we had to sit through a “we’re mad we are” Hoosiers-esque band. Even though we had to sit through a soft metal band from Kidderminster and another band whose only saving grace was that I’m not quite sure how to describe them. Even though the only reason that we play live is for new people to hear our music and by the time we went on, only our long-suffering friends were left in the venue and they’ve already heard it all before. Even though it was so late when we went on that we had to cut You Come Around from out set-list:

Everything I Do
She’s His Girlfriend
Sasha Don’t Look So Blue
It’s In The Air
I’ll Get By
All I Want
While You Wait

Sorry, enough complaining. We did put on a good show and considering this is still a new line-up it went very well. Sarah come on stage after She’s His Girlfriend and took the lead vocals for While You Wait. Everything went swimmingly apart from the fact that I missed my cue in I’ll Get By because I was too busy laughing at Sarah’s dancing and I had some problems getting my bass in tune. That makes a change as it’s normally my voice.

This was a Glastonbudget audition night and we were pretty keen to play after we had such a great time there last year (even though I do have some reservations about their “whichever band can sell their friends the most £50 tickets gets the best slots on the best stages”) Well, we’ve been told that we’ll be playing the acoustic tent this year which is perfect for us. Ironically enough, we were told that if we’d turned up as a full band this year then we wouldn’t have got on as we didn’t bring enough fans. I guess it must be tough running a festival since you want to put on popular acts so you don’t lose money and so can keep putting it on but it would be nice to think that they select some acts based on the quality of their music rather than the quantity of their fans. Chris, the organiser, went on to boast that he had a band coming over from africa to audition in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how many fans they bring with them…

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