The Shed 11/08/2007

“Do a runner”

All gigs are part of a learning curve and this one was no different. We learnt that if you supply the drum kit for a gig then you are well within your rights to dictate where in the running order you go on. This means that you should go on in the middle of the bill when the most people are still around to watch you. We also learnt that it’s best not to play downstairs at a venue when somebody famous is on upstairs. We learnt these lessons the hard way. We made the mistake of going on last which gave the other bands a chance to use our kit and then clear off before we played. It also meant that we were playing at the same time as the headliners upstairs and they featured a former member of The Slits and so proved a more attractive draw then we did. Ah well, it was their loss as they missed one of our best performances. I think we relaxed a bit without the pressure of playing in front of anyone and put on a good show. Unfortunately the only people to witness it were the barman, Dave and the promoter, Will. However, they made enough noise and they both enjoyed the half-hour long set:

All I Want
I Don’t Know What It Is
I Wanna Be Retro
T-Shirt Hero
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
You Throw My Love Away
Knock Knock
While You Wait

So, one brand new song; Knock Knock and one nearly new one; I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do, which we used to play back in our Solution days but this was its first airing since our comeback. I did have a bit of a strut upstairs during All I Want and it was as busy as I think I’ve ever seen The Shed. I hope that the crowd enjoyed the band though because they missed a hell of a show downstairs.

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