The Shed 13/04/2007

“Back to the beginning”

Pictures are here

This gig felt a little like “after the Lord Mayor’s show” as the three of us found ourselves back downstairs less than two weeks after being upstairs for the final of The Shed’s Acoustic Championship. At least this time we got to play a full set:

You Come Around
45 Minutes
It’s In The Air
Blind Faith
After Quatermass
All I Want
While You Wait
Let’s Spend The Night Together

I thought we played pretty well and we definitely put on a good show with the bubble gun and the party poppers. However, I do think that it felt a bit strange to play without the competitive edge that the acoustic championship had generated in recent weeks. It felt good to be a bit more relaxed, although we perhaps lacked some of the intensity that we had when we played two weeks ago.

After we’d finished we spent some time talking to Will about our next gig, which is going to be at The Alchemist. Not only is it going to be our first full band set as The Sixth Circle (and in fact our first in two and a half years) but apparently the venue is the second biggest in Leicester (after DeMontfort Hall) and has a stage that’s seven feet off the floor. Sounds like a bit of a step up from playing The Shed’s Cellar Bar…

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