The Shed 13/05/2007


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Sometimes I wonder where our promoter Will find the rest of his acts and what logic he uses when he puts a show together. Our first full-blown gig at The Shed in some two and a half years saw us feature with an eclectic mix of other artists. There was a rapper, MC Pinball, and a non-descript rock band from Wycombe. There was a girl with a guitar who played a Sheryl Crow cover and an acoustic couple who had a huge keyboard but no keyboard player(!) Then, there was a young band with guitars who played a cover of Paint It, Black (“the comma belongs to the record company” – Keef) Now, I don’t really like it when any band covers one of my favourite songs but I can normally just about grin and bear it. However, when it’s covered that badly then I just had to leave the room. Although I doubt they actually noticed.

Oh, and then there was us and we were brilliant, easily one of the best gigs that we’ve done since we started playing again. It’s a good job too because I would have probably suggested that people ask for a refund otherwise (yes, the Paint It, Black cover was that bad and no, I can’t let it go) Despite the fact that it was late on Sunday night, we showed an energy that belied the fact that we all had work on Monday morning. We played for around thirty minutes:

While You Wait
I Don’t Know What It Is
You Throw My Love Away
After Quatermass
I Don’t Know Why I Love You Like I Do
All I Want
Dead To The World

We dedicated While You Wait to Nic since it was her birthday in the week. However, she has now decided that it isn’t her favourite song any more, she now prefers Dead To The World. Although, as Ant pointed out, that’s a song that’s too orangey for crows.

Apart from the excellent set, the other highlight of the evening was a story Will told us about The Acoustic Lovers, a band we’d played with a couple of weeks ago. They were back at The Shed this week and all their parents and families who came down to see them were all disappointed because we weren’t playing! They’d heard about this really good Stones-esque band that had played the week before and were looking forward to seeing us but obviously we weren’t on. One woman had come all the way up from Brighton and was a huge Stones fan and she was absolutely gutted…

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