The Shed 16/02/2007

“It’s good to be back”

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Two years. Two years without a gig. You feel the adrenaline flowing through your body, you hear the blood pounding in your head, you feel the nerves in the pit of your stomach. Two years. Even though it’s only an acoustic gig downstairs at The Shed. Even though you’re only playing for 20 minutes. Then you find out it’s part of The Shed’s Acoustic Championship and that competitive part of the brain floods the system with yet more adrenaline. And that voice in the back of your mind says that three weeks rehearsal wasn’t enough. The tension ratchets up after ever act as your turn gets closer and closer…

And then you’re on stage and everything is okay. The Fear is gone and you remember how good it feels. And yes, three weeks probably wasn’t enough rehearsal time, but you still manage to play well enough for Will to offer you a slot in the next round even though there are still three acts still to play.

Looking at it with a cold, hard, analytical view, we were okay. It’s never easy to shake off the rustiness and the gig had come a bit out of the blue, giving us little time to prepare. With two weeks until the next round, it should be plenty of time to lick everything into shape. Although I doubt it will be enough time for us to get any better at the Bubble Symphony arcade machine. Anyway, the set-list was as follows:

You Come Around
45 Minutes
Blind Faith
It’s In The Air
After Quatermass
While You Wait

45 Minutes was an old song, WMD, with different lyrics, Blind Faith was an almost complete re-working of an old song and It’s In The Air has never been performed before. So, an evening of firsts – first ever acoustic gig, first time playing these new songs and first gig with the new band name – start of a new era…

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